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Eleven Faced Rudraksh

Eleven faced Rudraksh represent the eleven forms of Lord Rudra. Associated with Ekadasa Rudra, i.e., Lord Shiva. The bead represents Lord Hanuman. It has no ruling planet. When invoked, blesses with wisdom, right judgment, powerful vocabulary, adventurous life and success. It protects from accidental death. The wearer becomes fearless. Wearing it one becomes victorious on all levels. It improves will-power and blesses one with happiness. It also helps in meditation and removes the problems of yogic practice. It promotes excellent general physical and mental health, gives insight and vision and deflects evil thoughts. Diseases like chronic body pain, backache, alcoholism; liver diseases are cured and prevented. It increases energy, power, and mental stamina. It’s recommended for never energy and maintenance of entire neurophysiology. Eleven faced Rudraksh is worn for attainment of popularity, strength and worldly comforts. The mind is controlled, has wealth and finally becomes exceptional energy holder.

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