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Five faced Rudraksh is the form of Lord Rudra. It is associated with Kalagni Rudra, i.e., lord Shiva. Its ruling planet is Jupiter.
Five Faced Rudraksh monitors blood pressure and cardiac ailments. It controls diabetic troubles. It is recommended for bone marrow, kidney, feet, ear and obesity etc. diseases. It reduces body weight and kidney problems. It cures lever, bone marrow disorders. It reduces the sugar level from the body. It is very good for those having heart diseases, blood pressure, trauma, diabetes, stout, etc. The wearer of rosary gains health and peace. The Bead Rosary is also used for Mantra. By wearing the rosary the wearer’s mind remains peaceful. Its contact on the body destroys five rudiments: – Lust, greed, attachment, jealousy and unwanted ego.
Five faced rudraksh will give you the peace of mind and clarity of purpose. It helps to achieve your goals. All rosaries which are worn around the neck or used as rosary should be of five faced. The count should be 108 or 54. There is no suspicion about the fact that the wearer of the bead never gets untimely death. It affects all major chakra points of subtle body.

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