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Six faced Rudraksh represents Lord Kartikeya. Another name of that Lord is Shanmukhanath, the son of lord Shiva. The ruling planet is Venus. It makes active the sub-conscious senses in the mind. It works on emotional ordeals and affects understanding and pleasure of love and personal relationships. It helps for those who need protection from negative energies. This bead is highly recommended for women wanting a child. This should be worn in the left hand by chanting the mantra. The one worn by soldiers, police, adventurers and all persons exposed to danger. It protects one from harm and instills calm and will power in the wearer.
It cures generating system problems and visionary disorders. It cures the mouth, spleen and spinal cord pain. It cures sexual diseases and uterus problems. It can remove problems of reproductive organs, urinary tract, etc. It affects the neurophysiology through the sacral plexus, sexual and reproductive organs and prostrate gland. It always recommended for problems with eyes, urinary tract, mouth and throat. It gives protection and provides emotional response as it relates to physical and mental comfort levels. It saves us from the emotional trauma of worldly sorrows and gives learning, wisdom and knowledge. It affects understanding and appreciation of love, art, sexual pleasure, music and personal relationship. It should be worn on right hand.

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