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Ten Faced Rudraksh

Ten faced Rudraksh represents Lord Vishnu. Associated with Lord Janardhan, i.e., Lord Vishnu and represents the 10 incarnations. It pacifies all negative planetary energy. It gets rid of obstacles arising from malefic planetary effects. It also protects you against evil influences around you and gives a secure and caring sentiment. This contains the influence of ten incarnations and the ten directions. It works like a shield (Armor of God) on one’s body and drives evils away. Ten faced Rudraksh is very powerful and can help overcome fears develop a sound mind. The bead is recommended for nutritional discrepancy in the body, lack of thought coordination, etc. When invoked, the wearer’s family will be nourished endlessly. All kind of problems are solved without much difficulty. Enjoy the freedom of life. It is good for those who seeks confiscation of Karma done in past. The wearer achieves fulfillment of all desires and always have enough food, shelter and clothing in life. This Rudraksh has no ruling planets but represent Lord Vishnu the Great protector and saviour of mankind. This contains the influence of ten incarnations and the ten directions. It works like a shield on your body and drives evils away. It protects the wearer from those people and things that may harm him. The wearer gets a sense of security. It can help a person enjoy the benefits of life attain happiness and success.
It has no ruling planet. It is held to sublimate all the malefic effects of all the planets and is recommended for entire neurophysiology. The bead favors the people born in “Abhijeet” Nakshatra, according to Hindu Vedic Astrology. It helps persons whose birth time is nearly about 12:35 pm noon.

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