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Almandine Garnet, sometimes referred to as almandite garnet, belongs to the very vast and popular mineral group of garnet. Almandine is the most common of all garnet varieties. Although there are very large amounts of almandine sourced from all over the world, only a small percentage of the stones mined are of gem quality. Most almandine stones are opaque and rough and are only able to be used for industrial purposes. Garnet stones are often used for sandblasting in the Industrial trade. Almandine has needle like inclusions frequently intersecting at 70o and 110o in same plane, coarse stubby silk, and doubly refractive colorless grain-like inclusions. Almandine is the most common member of the Garnet group. It is also a popular gemstone and the most widely used Garnet in the gem trade. More gemstones are faceted from Almandine than any other type of Garnet. Only a small amount of Almandine crystals are transparent and light enough for gemstone use; most of the Almandine found is rough and opaque and not gem quality. Some Almandine Garnets display asterism when polished as cabochons, and are known as “Star Garnets”. Almandine is often embedded in a mica schists, and forms very nice matrix pieces with perfectly formed symmetrical crystals. The schist matrix often breaks up due to weathering, resulting in the Almandine crystals breaking loose into individual, perfectly formed floater crystals which may be quite large. – See more at:

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