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Amethyst is one of the Earth’s beautiful stones. Spiritual Upliftment. This is also the present carrier of the purple colorray. Found in abundance, in itsv purest form, Amethyst is colourless. The finest quality Amethyst is medium to medium dark in tone, vivid in intensity, and purple, reddish purple to bluish purple in hue. Heating removes the colour from amethyst or changes it to the yellow of citrine. Most commercial citrine is made in this manner.
SiO2 Amethyst is the most valuable transparent, coarse-grained variety of the silica mineral quartz that is valued as a semiprecious gem for its violet color. It contains more iron oxide Fe2O3 than any other variety of quartz, Experts believe that its colour arises from its iron content. Other theories attribute the colour to contained manganese or hydrocarbons. All forms of quartz (including amethyst) are piezoelectric, making for important applications in electronics. Tourmaline is the only other gemstone that possesses this property. Amethyst comes from Greek a- (privative) and methustès (“drunkard”). It is said that you could pretend you were drinking wine without getting drunk by drinking in an amethyst cup (which is the colour of wine). According to the Greek legend, Amethyst was a beautiful nymph whom Dionysos fell in love with; he pursued her and as he was about to catch her, she begged the goddess Artemis to save her. The goddess changed her into a beautiful and cold cristal in Dionysos’ arms. Remorseful, he poured his cup of wine on the tope of the stone to give it its beautiful wine colour (which would explain why usually, only the top of amethyst crystals is coloured) and decided, in tribute to Amethyst and out of love for her, that the stone would have the power to counter the effects of alcohol and to favour chastity. The Hebrew word for amethyst is achlemah, meaning “that which gives pleasant dreams”.  In Christian symbology, the amethyst allied the blue of the heavens to the red of blood (Christ’s or the martyrs’), and so became from Renaissance on an episcopal stone symbolizing humility (it ornated the crosses of the Inquisition).

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