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Elestials are called crystal of the angels. Aligns one to the Christ principles. Access past life information relevant to today. Releases blockages and negativity. One of the most powerful healing crystals. May be used on any part of body. Elestials relieves sorrow, depression and lightens the heart. Elestials brings great strength. This crystal can assist in overcoming emotional burdens and connect body and spirit, while connecting us with the Angelic realms. Elestials can provide information that enables us to move forward or overcome blockages in our spiritual path and align us with the wisdom of the universe. They bring into the now the elusive, intuitive thoughts we chase about past, present and future accelerating our path towards the light. Orange Elestial crystal creates an uplifting energy, enables one to tune in to the higher levels of consciousness with an enhanced energy that is quite powerful. These crystals are excellent for meditation and often attuned to the angelic realm. Associated with all chakras.

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