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Frankinlite is a rare stone – found only in NJ. Only grows in pyramid shapes – stopping with the Star Tetrahedron. This is the only stone in the world that grows in this pattern. Frankinlite is a rare black octahedron stone. It is a high vibration stone that is a powerful tool for meditation and is excellent for assisting you to focus your thoughts. It is a soothing to the emotional body and promotes joy and blissful states of consciousness. It fosters compassion and love. This crystal has a strong level of crystal energy and is powerful for aiding you to making major positive changes in your life. It is a stone that promotes receptiveness and having an open mind even in situations that are normally difficult. It helps you to get rid of ideas that do not serve you well; ideas that do not serve your spirituality well. This allows you to advance faster. This stone is an excellent emotional healer for dealing with loss of all kinds, traumatic experience and especially grief.

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