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The name Hessonite is derived from the Greek ‘hesson’, meaning “inferior”, because of its lower hardness and density that most other garnets. Hessonite is a stone of creativity, believed to stimulate creativity on all levels and can be used to encourage self-respect, respect to others, and spiritual growth. In addition to this, Hessonite is believed to be a good balancing stone, calming the nerves, quiting the mind, and relieving depression. Garnet is said to be the stone of romantic love and passion, enhancing sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy. It is said to awaken creativity, positive energy, and self-confidence, and can bring success to one’s career or business. Garnets have been thought to treat infectious diseases, blood poisoning, and heart and lung diseases. It is also a protective stone which is effective for protection from evil and nightmares and one that can be used for spiritual healing. Whilst Garnet is primarily associated with the root chakra, it is also effective at opening either chakras, depending upon the colour of the stone in question. Hessonite is an increasingly rare gemstone and one of the most prized varieties of Grossular Garnet. Hessonite is primarily sourced from Sri Lanka. There are also noteworthy deposits found in Africa, Brazil, Canada (Quebec), Myanmar (Burma) and the United States (California). Hessonite is rated at 6.5 – 7 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness, making it durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear. Grossular is the most varicolored of the Garnet species, being found in every color except those with a blue tint. Pure Grossular, without any impurities, is in fact colorless and is quite prized by collectors. The color of Hessonite can range from a deep yellow, a golden orange, to a cinnamon brown, often being called the Cinnamon Stone. Hessonite gemstones will often contain tiny honey-colored inclusions that give it a truly unique appearance.

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