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Jade is blood cleanser. Jade is called “The Virtuous One”. Strengthens immune system & kidneys. Generates divine love. Encourages altruistic nature & expression of feelings. Strengthens earth connections. Protects from injury and accidents. An emotional balancer with particular strength in feminine problems. Radiating unconditional divine love. It fosters courage, justice, clarity, modesty, wisdom and nurturing. The stone is available in green and typically a rare white color. It signifies the 35th wedding anniversary. Jade is a calcium, magnesium and iron silicate. When the iron content is high, it is called actinolite.

The chemistry is Ca2(mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2. The streak is colourless, although the mineral itself can range in colour from white to dark grey, yellowish, pink to lilac. We commonly tend to think of “jade” as green, but it is actually available in many colours. The hardness is between 5 and 6. Jade is a product of metamorphism & occurs with calcite and grossular in hornfels of contact metamorphic rocks & with talc in serpentinites of hydrothermal metamorphic rocks. There are many localities where fine tremolite specimens may be obtained. Crystals of up to 3″ in length occur in marble at Halliburton and Wilberforce, Halliburton Co., Ontario & granular masses of pink tremolite (hexagonite) at De Kalb, St. Lawrence Co., New York. White and greenish crystals occur in calcite at Canaan, Litchfield Co., Connecticut. The Amphibole mineral nephrite, which consists of combined tremolite and actinolite, is dense, compact, tough. Semitransparent to translucent varieties of nephrite are called jade. Nephrite jade colours are white, all shades of green, grey, greyish (with tinge of blue, red, or green), brown, and lavender. Value increases with transparency, intensity & evenness of colour, and freedom from flaws.

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