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This is a one persons stone! It wards off evil, especially magical evil and lift fear and depression. It is a link between the physical and the spiritual and also used to balance the emotions. They protect from possession. They were once used to repel plague, fever and negativity. Jet stones tend to filter out germs and aid, headaches, toothache, stomach diseases, goitre, dropsy, hysteria & hallucinations caused by fever. Jet is used in women’s complaints. Jet helps during labour and, when powdered and mixed with bees wax, are applied to tumours. It offers protection from thunderstorms. Jet is a black fossilized wood, and looks likes coal. It can be used for protection, anti nightmare, luck, divination, and health. It can help to control mood swings and fight deep depression and can be used to dispel fearful thoughts. It is worn or carried to maintain proper energy flow within the body to avoid ill health. Jet has been used as a talisman since Stone Age times, used in olden times to protect from entities of darkness. Jet draws off negative energy. Those attracted to Jet are said to be old souls. It can also be used to open to psychic experiences and to assist the quest for spiritual enlightenment. Jet is said to stabilize finances and protect businesses. It can be placed in the cash drawer or the wealth corner of the house. Jet promotes taking control of life. Physically jet is good for migraines, colds and epilepsy. It can also diminish glandular swelling, stomach pain and menstrual cramps. Associated with the base and crown chakra. Jet absorbs negativity, and for this reason, needs to be cleansed more frequently than other stones. Clean Jet with warm, soapy water. Do not place in salt water or salt, instead use a smudge stick to clear it of negativity. Jet harmonizes well with black tourmaline, aegirine, smoky quartz, black obsidian, garnet, infinite, serpentine, amber, seraphinite, sugilite and moldavite. Jet is associated with all chakras.

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