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Known as Ice of Eternity. All-around healer and amplifier. Capable of dispersing white light into the seven spectral colors. Aligns one’s consciousness with the electromagnetic forces of the universe, helping each of us find our own inner light that connects us with the One Light. Magnifiers of psychic and healing energies. Used to help focus and amplify one’s thoughts or intentions. Powerful transmitter. Amplifies/directs thought forms. Healing energy balancer. Promote clarity. Attunes one to higher self. Green quartz stimulates creativity. An all-around healer, it soothes, heals, and balances. Prosperity stone. Increases confidence. Personal expression. Creativity, emotional balance. Self-love, for “heartbreak”. Opening to Universal love and comfort It’s also mark of love! It’s a gentle awakening! Stimulates love of self, love of others, love of the Universe.

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