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Rhodochrosite is an excellent anti anxiety and anti stress stone. Rhodochrosite is called the stone of love and balance, as it balances and enhances love on all levels. Rhodochrosite assists us in loving ourselves and helps us release our need to blame ourselves for everything. Rhodochrosite invokes courage, will and passion. It allows fuller love to enter ones life, in part by calming excessive passions. Rhodochrosite is perfect to balance your emotions, by cleansing your Heart chakra it promotes acceptance of the past. Rhodochrosite is a powerful emotional healer. It radiates a very strong energy of Divine Love and works well to balance the Heart Chakra. It brings calmness and acceptance for all traumas. This stone also brings greater love for self and the Earth. Rhodochrosite gives strength and courage that come from faith and trust. Rhodochrosite also prevents sickness. In metaphysical healing Rhodochrosite has been considered good for nervous system imbalances, the digestion, the heart, the kidneys, the pulse rate, and the thyroid. Rhodochrosite harmonizes well with rose quartz, pink calcite, rhodonite, morganite, emerald, garnet, moldavite, alexandrite, black tourmaline and jet. Rhodochrosite energizes and cleanses the base, sacral and heart chakras, as well as balancing the mental and emotional processes. Cleanses subconscious. Strengthens self-identity. Attunes one to natural androgynous state. Aids spleen, kidneys, heart, pituitary gland and circulation of blood. Enhances memory and intellectual power. Emotional balancer. Helps heal emotional wounds and traumas. Aligns subtle bodies. Red/pink colour helps to blend courage/will/passion aspects of lower chakras with loving expression of the heart. Divine love, acceptance of self and life. Powerful healer for those attuned to it.

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