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Enhances glandular function. Elevates mood. Stimulates clairvoyance. Telepathy. Feminine” qualities. Improves expression.
Communication with one’s spirit guides. Strengthens heart and kidneys. Activates pituitary gland, thereby aiding entire glandular system. Aligns body/mind/spirit. Stimulates psychic abilities, clarity and inspiration. Creative expression, loyalty, love. Aids connection with Higher Self/Spirit Guides. Strengthens will. Expands cosmic awareness. Dispels confusion. Excellent for meditation. Gemstones are the most precious components of jewellery, coveted and sought after by almost all human beings as a potent means to enhance their personal power and authority. But, apart from this vitally important materialistic aspect, gemstones are widely believed to influence our life in some or the other way. The main source of the information collected in this study is based on the prevalent beliefs in society as well as personal individual experiences.

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