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Shumeru is the stone marks of viking’s abet. It represents the reverberation in relationship. The symbol literally means the empire, referring to silence of divine elements. It is particularly associated with Odin emissary. Its primary meaning is communiqué tuning and thus knowledge, harmony and truth. You may view the allure as representing many derivatives of these concepts such as, affinity, honesty, sentiments, balancing between family existences. The Saxons also approved the meaning “Flow of Nectar” in reference to its carved symbol. Some historical sources offer tributary as a meaning; connecting the flow of water with the flow of synchronization.

It consists of secret writing over stones, containing the mysterious letters engraving from the Teutonic alphabets of North European Script. The symbol means strength against all odds. It helps you overcome any obstacles. Live out your true potential by casting the stone on which spiritual symbols are stamped – began several thousand years ago in northern territories of Europe, and has its roots in Scandinavian mythology. The symbols represent protection, shelter and safeguard against all sorts of evil energies. It gives accomplishment, balance, tuning, wealth and endurance to entire family.

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