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Dispels fear, negativity, grief. Promotes health, environment, tranquil sleep. Balance in relationships, self-expressions. Eases compulsiveness.
Tourmaline is electromagnetic, so it interacts with our bodies electromagnetic system. It has a strong anti cancer vibration and is good for the heart chakra. It is known as a master healer. Aids balance of endocrine system. Aids sleep. Strengthens, vitalizes body/mind. Activates and enhances crystalline properties of body/mind. Aligns subtle bodies. Dispels fear and negative conditions. Strong protective influence. Concentration, inspiration. Enhances sensitivity and understanding. Powerful healer, highly electromagnetic. Tourmaline brings tranquillity and serenity into your life. Tourmaline comes in many colours such as blue, yellow, pink, red, black, green and clear. Green is from iron, chromium and vanadium, pink from manganese. Some crystals are pink at one end and green at the other.

Tourmaline is borosilicate mineral of complex & variable position. It’s very abundant & has the best-developed crystals in pegmatite & in metamorphosed limestone in contact with granitic magmas. The colored varieties, when transparent and free from flaws, are cut as gems. Transparent crystals of tourmaline are dichroic – the depth of colour varies as the crystal is turned in the light. Another peculiarity of it is that crystal when heated acquires an electric charge & attracts small objects such as hair or small pieces of paper.

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