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Amegreen are beautiful stones that are a combination of purple amethyst crystals, prasiolite, and White Quartz. They have a lovely balancing vibration that blends the energy of some of the most powerful quartz crystals. This combination creates loving compassionate energy, emotional healing and stimulates psychic abilities. Amegreen stones look lovely, and they have an amazing soft calming energy.

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Amegreen stone helps to lift spirits, awaken love and dispel fear. Amegreen is a polished stone that has  have a beautiful, peaceful energy. Amegreen crystal integrates the heart and mind, allowing us to be inspired by intuition and manifest our creations. Enhances psychic ability while keeping us grounded and centred. Amegreen facilitates meditation. Amegreen stone combines the hearts wisdom with the minds creativity, making it a really useful energy to use in business, where we can easily become stuck. Amegreen healing crystal allows us to over come and heal past hurts that you may have carried throughout your life, even from childhood, allowing you to move forward with confidence. Amegreen can change negativity and fears, and bring clarity of what is. Amegreen crystal is a wonderful and gentle stone combination of Amethyst and Prasiolite Green Amethyst and often, but not commonly with white quartz.

It often comes with the less commonly white banding and sections of mauve-purple and green. This combination creates loving compassionate energy and emotional healing. Physically Amegreen gemstone aligns the spine and relieves arthritis. Amegreen provides emotional support, helping to heal past heart disease and stimulates repair of the body from physical trauma or injury, wounds of all types, depression, sorrow, and grief. Amegreen crystal helps purify and cleanse your energy and stimulate the crown chakra. It can help soothe the emotions and balance the heart chakra and to connect us with the divine white light energy. It is good healing past emotional wounds and lifting the veil or sorrow. It can help harmonize the chakras and help you to make new efforts in their lives. It works to clear the throat Chakra so you may speak your truth.

Amegreen combines well with amethyst, prasiolite to harminzie all the chakras. Pair it with moldavite which brings in the active energy of transformation. Other stones that harminize well with amegreen are morganite, celestite, rose quartz and lemurian.


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