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Orbital is rarely find and most useful crystal for psychic development. Its colors range from dark gray through to deep brown. Scientifically it possesses cyclonic structure.

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Orbital mostly used as a high spiritual vibration and a protective stone for psychological development. It encourages deep meditation and higher states of awareness. It also helps with mental control and focus, opening your intuition, and gaining spiritual insight and wisdom. Help activating the 3rd eye chakra which is responsible for may aspects of brain soothing. It has a harmonious energy calming and sharpening the mind. It has a gentle energy that helps you to keep a logical mind while also encouraging your intuition and spiritual perception. It brings out integrity – essential when passing messages to others in your psychic development work, and helps you to recognize your own talents, abilities, and also weaknesses or flaws; so you can improve on them. Orbital consists of natural round orbits, which can be used for healing, meditation, energy work, storing information, protection, grounding, and channeling.

The stone can be placed anywhere but preferably dark place. This stone stimulate pleasure and love, used for luck, ids internal and external regeneration, nervous system, spleen, pancreas, align mental and emotional bodies. It helps curing depression and frustration. Also help boosting inner peace and tranquility with higher psychological awareness and spiritual enlightenment. This allows for focusing of energy, to amplify healing, to restore energy to the body, to stimulate personal growth and to reconnect with the inner levels of the self. IT is believed to traverse the gap between the physical world and the spiritual world, help one to understand transitions, activates all of the qualities of the base, heart, and crown chakras.