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Pitambari stones are among the most effective and popular types of gemstones which are used for crystal therapy as it is ingrained with energies. However, it is important to choose the right type of sapphire stone as these gemstones prove its efficiency within a short period of usage. Pitambari stone is a gemstone which includes both yellow and blue color. The ratio of the two colors may vary from one stone to another. Pitambari is among the most powerful gemstones that bestows health, wealth and success on the wearer. It is also known as the remedial stone to counter the malefic effects of planet Saturn.

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Pitambari gemstone is worn rarely as it is recommended for people who have both Saturn and Jupiter aligned in an adverse manner in their birth chart. This unique stone is believed to counter the malefic effects of both the planets which include Saturn and Jupiter. People suffering from nightmares and sleepless nights are also advised to wear the pitambari stone. People suffering from financial problems, lack of concentration, failure in business and so forth can wear this gemstone and reap its benefits. Pitambari gemstone includes the same beneficial properties of pitambari stones and so it promises the wearer to bring forth good luck, prosperity, health and success in all endeavors. The planetary positions affect the horoscope and the destiny of individuals. However, various harmful effects can be negated with the use of the right type of gemstones. Nevertheless, it is essential to consult an expert astrologer to determine the most suitable gemstone that has ample powers to counter the malefic effects of planets.

It is used very rare. It is highly recommended for the people, who have Saturn and Jupiter aligned in an adverse way in the birth chart. It is highly effective for the person who suffers from night mares and bad dreams. This gemstone has the same properties and beneficial effect as Sapphire’s, but as it is specified for the two planets, so it considered a highly precious gemstone. Saturn is the star of judgment and past life repentance and Jupiter is the star of growth and expansion. Pitambari is a gemstone which has both yellow and blue color. But the ratio of the two colors may vary in proportion.