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Shubhrangad is a unique stone naturally found on the territiries of Himalayan valley. Shubhrangad is actually a sedimentary rock and a shelter for a small insect known as ‘Vajra Keeta’ and lives inside the stone.

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In reality, these stones are the fossils of the common ammonites that lived millions of years ago when the mountain range formed the bed of a vast ocean floor. These are sacred ‘shilas’ or stones representing the abstract form of divine. A fossil impression of an ammonite belonging to the cephalopoda class. They existed on earth during Triassic-Cretaceous time period. Now their fossil impressions are found in the river valleys of northern India. Hindus consider them as holy. Hindus call the stone shubhrangad which has a linings on it like a thread. It is as an iconic representation of Lord Vishnu. Some stone have dual irregular threads as well on them in fact they are the layers of a rock. Shubhrangads are in various sizes and shapes. In Hindu religion, Shubhrangads are worshipped in temples and monasteries across all over the world. It’s a naturally occurring crystalline form of rock which is desirable for its beauty, valuable in its rarity, and durable enough to be enjoyed for generations. Nowadays, rock crystal has become very important because of its piezoelectric property. To get rid of any sorts of bad incidences, you may use it to get favor from heavenly bodies. It purifies a person and gives success in all walks of life.

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