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Star Stone

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Star stone is a natural variety of ruby gemstone that exhibits a star-like visual effect, called asterism when seen under single light source. It is regarded as a strong healing gemstone and worn to reduce stress, gain inner peace and maintain physical health. Star is an effective healing gemstone, primarily worn for physical and mental well-being. Unlike ruby, this gemstone can be worn by anyone to improve internal strength, distress mind and ward-off tension.

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Star stone represents planet Sun. This strong planet is also known as bringer of health and energy. So, this gemstone is considered highly effective for people suffering from severe eye problems and vision-related disorders. The metaphysical properties of the stone are deeply trusted by people. Since ancient times, this gemstone is said to stimulate wisdom, strengthen motivation and thought process of the wearer. Therefore, people struggling with low self-esteem and decision-making abilities can benefit immensely by wearing this gemstone. As per remedial purpose, wearing a star ruby gemstone benefits individual by soothing tensed nerves and restoring calmness. Therefore, this gemstone is considered highly effective for people dealing with insomnia, anxiety, fear or depression.

It provides protection against sudden psychic attacks and physical traumas. Star stone is also known to have immense healing properties to cure bone, heart and visual disorders. Most gem traders decide the price of each Star stone individually after assessing the color, strength of star effect, clarity, cut and carat weight. Burmese or Burma Star stone price remains highest due to its brilliant red hue and distinctly visible star effect. A centrally placed, bright, consistent star effect displaying six rays of light is highly desirable. Therefore, a star stone with bright and distinctly visible star effects always commands a higher value.

A fine quality Star stone is more likely to be smaller in size. This is because color quality and star effect usually get hampered with the increase in size. Therefore, Star stones in bigger sizes are rarely available. The stones are densely packed with microscopic rutile inclusions which make them appear translucent to opaque. Opaque gems are mostly cut in cabochon (non-faceted, polished gemstone) to obtain a perfect star effect on the smooth and polished upper surface. As per the gem cutters, a well-shaped dome exhibits a bright and clear star effect and therefore demands a good market value.