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Throne is a pure bearer of good vibrations of the Earth mother, the feminine aspect of the life force of our planet. Throne brings clarity, truth and trust, dispels negativity, general health and well being.

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Throne helps cleansing the heart of sorrow, wash negativity out of ones thoughts. Also helps one connect with the Goddess energies, both within oneself and throughout the natural world. It is a soothing stone that draws out the poison of ones subconsciously held sorrows, fears and rage. Even the rough of throne helps you release old grief and pain and then a growing strength and confidence to move forward. It can help awaken the emotions of forgiveness for oneself and others. These high-valued stones have long been believed to provide protection against evil, enhance mind abilities, intuition, extrasensory perception, imagination and concentration. They are also known as living symbols of God’s justice and authority. Chrysanthemum throne have always fascinated by ancient civilizations and benefited a lot to mankind. It can help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief. The dragon throne is used to get rid of social hurdles. A stone with natural spots and orbits is worn to defend against negativity that is directed at you. Some celestial stones have protective energies and therefore, can be used to create inconspicuousness. Sharpens your sense, encourage personal prominence. Phoenix throne helps you balance your emotions and the mind. The stone has to be worn on the body for long periods of time for its full effects to be achieved. It helps in healing the skin, even with sunburns or psoriasis. This stone creates a conscious connection between your physical and spiritual world. It acts as an excellent transmitter for vibrational energy, and so enhances healing work. When placed in a room, an apophyllite cluster makes an excellent space clearer. All precious multi-jeweled thrones was used for centuries inside the seat of emperors.