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Variscite is a hydrated aluminium phosphate mineral (AlPO4·2H2O). It is a relatively rare phosphate mineral. It is sometimes confused with turquoise; however, variscite is usually greener in color.

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Variscite is a fairly rare stone that occurs in varying shades of green. Variscite is also known as Utahlite. Variscite is a prosperity stone and helps acquiring the finances smoothly. It helps you banish all kind of complications, emotional obsessions and self destructive habits. Variscite is a soothing crystal that releases stress, depression, eases fear and anxiety and brings peace of mind and inner strength. Since Variscite is such a calming stone and brings stillness to the mind it makes a wonderful stone for meditation. Sleeping with Variscite brings peaceful sleep and an untroubled mind. It is a stone of love and brings inspiration and understanding to all situations. Variscite is helpful for past life recall and memory and it can enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Variscite brings hope and courage to continue with the treatment of the sick people by healers and caregivers. It promotes mutual understanding and help with the difficult task of dealing with any primary level diseases and disorders. Metaphysical healers believe that Variscite promotes higher functions of the brain, it enhances learning and supports brain disorders. It assists with blood flow, male reproductive healing, regenerates elasticity of skin and the nervous system. Variscite harmonizes well with moldavite, chrysoprase, danburite, rose quartz and pink calcite. Variscite is associated with the heart chakra.


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