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As a talisman Eihwaz can bring about huge changes or show the way around huge difficulties. The yew tree represents the cycle of death and rebirth and when Eihwaz appears, natural endings leading to new beginnings are suggested. Changes and turning points, maybe brought about by fears being confronted, lie around the corner. Merkstave, it warns of confusion and destruction, and an inability to get round something that is blocking the way. Eihwaz can be invoked for communication with the other-world and the dead.

A major and necessary life change may be about to take place; either the onset of adulthood, going away to college, marriage, retirement or a change in profession. This change may seem full of uncertainty when it is first introduced, but it will become clear very quickly that such change is necessary. A significant confrontation with one’s inner fears and innermost insecurities may be at hand. While ‘change’ is a constant process, the appearance of Eihwaz indicates an increase in the speed and intensity of change. Change comes in many forms: mental, spiritual and physical. It is important to keep one’s focus clear throughout the process: some change should be accepted as it is necessary and just. Other change may require a steadfast resolve and hardiness — like the always green yew tree.

Eihwaz represents the pinnacle to which all things revolve and spin out of. It is the mystery or the power of life. It is the death that renews and brings new life. It represents cycles and is a rune of wisdom and communication. The Eihwaz rune represents a turning point in the runic journey and indicates the transitional phase of the initiatory process. Eihwaz rune represents the Yew tree. There is much association of the Yew tree and the ancient Norse, principally derived from the fact that Yews are evergreens which retain their greenery even through the coldest of winters, and because their red berries are seen as symbolic of the ‘Blood of Life.’ Eihwaz rune provides protection to the seeker and can help increase personal power and defense. It also suggests communication between different worlds, different layers of reality and different realms.

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