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Ingwaz signifies completion, success and fertility. Ingwaz is concerned with male fertility, gestation and internal growth. It contemplates the mystery of life. It is all about common sense and simple strengths, the home and love of the family, caring and human warmth. It presages a period of rest and relaxation, when anxieties disappear, loose strings are tied and you find themselves free to move in new directions. Wearing Ingwaz as a talisman to bring fertility and growth, to encourage good health and restore balance if it has gone walkabout.

Ingwaz representing Ing therefore symbolises peace, unity, harmony, agreement, togetherness and undying love between romantic partners. It portends completion, the certainty of a conclusion. This could include the male orgasmic force, or birth as the conclusion to pregnancy. Ingwaz is associated with healthy, wholesome sexuality, a strong, affectionate family, and a safe, secure hearth and home. It also symbolizes protection, and contains the idea of a beacon, a light shining in the darkness, and therefore, spiritual inspiration. On your spiritual path you may feel isolated, but within you burns the fire of inspiration urging you onward and upward. Feed the fire by perseverance. Seek answers but don’t get encumbered with irrelevant questions. Live one day at a time, knowing that the past is just a memory, the future just a dream, and the here and now is what matters.

Ingwaz symbolizes the Earth and our deep relation to it. Its appearance may mean that we need to spend more time in nature, or pay more attention to the natural order of things. Outdoor activities are referenced here, including sports, hiking and the ocean. The appearance of Ingwaz may also indicate a need to pay attention to one’s body, either through the addition of an exercise regimen to one’s life or a change in diet. A healthy metabolism and lifestyle are indicated here — and may suggest a need to focus on a sound body in order to achieve a sound mind. This is also a rune of growth: representing the actual act of growth rather than the rewards that await one at the end of the cycle. Personal growth may occur through some event in the near future. Inguz is a rune of movement, action and reaction. It is also one of responsibility.

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