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Kenaz is a rune of the inner voice and inner strength, of guidance and illumination. It promises that light will be cast into the dark places, bringing regeneration in its glow. It promises the ability to create new realities that bring with them hope and invigorating strength. Face down or reversed though, it stifles creativity and says that illness and negative influences – hopelessness, and despair – will cloud life in the immediate future. Carrying the rune as a talisman to dispel anxiety and fear, for inspiration and creativity.

You are coming into a new understanding of life and its meaning. New insights await, but don’t be complacent. Use this new understanding or it will be worthless. Look for ways to use your insights for the good of yourself and others. Enlightenment is replenishment. The more you use, the more knowledge you gain. Enlightenment itself is not the goal, it is just the starting point of a great adventure that will show you great wisdom and understanding if you proceed with truth and honesty. Kenaz tells you to always look for ways in which you can use you insights for the good of others.

Kenaz rune is often associated with ‘femininity’, or the ‘female intuition.’ This form of wisdom is often associated with right brain function rather than left brain function, since it does not come through conscious effort, but intuitively, or passively, by opening one’s self to it. For this reason, the Kenaz rune often represents the feminine aspect or the part of the senses that is open to ‘messages’ and unprovoked visions and answers. This is often referred to as ‘a woman’s intuition’ although men have the same abilities, but are more centered in left-brain mentality.

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