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Mannaz presages the time for you to explore your inner self and those of others. Mannaz talks of the subject’s attitude towards other people and their attitude towards the subject; it mentions friends and enemies, social order. Mannaz is concerned with intelligence, forethought and creative skills and abilities. When the rune appears you can expect to receive some sort of aid or cooperation. Mannaz rune can be worn as a talisman to represent someone else or a group of people, and to establish social relationships.

Mannaz represents the human race, humanity, the shared human nature within each individual. We are all members of the human family, yet alone in life and in the final journey into death. Mannaz symbolizes creativity, intelligence, forward planning, and speech and implies co-operation between individuals for the common good. Destiny awaits you, so claim it. But to be a spiritual being, you must balance body, mind and spirit. Embrace everything, good and bad alike, with total acceptance, knowing that each new experience will teach more of life. By learning each lesson you will go onward and upward. This rune may also refer to a spiritual community, such as that of a church or a religious group of some kind; the individual may be interacting with this new community soon. Mannaz frequently signifies the intensification and betterment of the person’s relationships with people and community. This often refers just to social relationships, rather than business or romantic relationships. The appearance of this rune suggests that the important factor may not necessarily be the individual doing the reading, but the people in his or her immediate sphere of contacts.

Mannaz symbolizes all of humanity, joined together for the purposes of attaining a common goal. On a more personal scale, Mannaz may represent our circle of family and friends and the common goals which unite us. An intertwining of man and woman is also referenced here, and a combining of their souls into a single entity. Mannaz reminds us that we are one. All purposes and goals ultimately flow into a greater purpose which is shared by all mankind. Mannaz represents a group of people, most frequently the community immediately surrounding the individual and often references the ways in which that group perceives the individual in question. Friends are being made and a community is being formed and served. The individual is giving a part of themselves up for the greater good. If a reading deals with great tasks, the appearance of Mannaz often indicates that assistance will come from others. Mannaz is a reminder to step back and consider a larger group — the family or community. Mannaz also directly relates to an individual’s place within a community, how he or she performs, and how he or she is perceived. Mannaz represents all of humanity who dwell on the Earthly plane.

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