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Naudhiz represents needs that can be met by reacting positively to deprivation. Naudhiz says that conflict can be overcome by willpower, that delays and restriction can be endured and have to be and that fears have to be faced. Wear it as a talisman if there is a need that has to be fulfilled, or to turn a negative fate into a positive one. It feeds off the fear. It will teach you very quickly the difference between “want” and “need.” It could be a rune for those who desperately need to grow the hell up and accept responsibility for their actions.

Nauthiz indicates a time to retrain, relearn and plan effectively in order to get what is wanted from a particular situation. Nauthiz is a rune of ‘wanting’, and it is generally a negative rune since it describes a ‘lack’ of something. If the reader believes the need referenced by Nauthiz is a constant need, then one’s needs should be reevaluated. If the need referenced by this rune is temporary in nature, it may be necessary to take steps to fill it. In general, the rune Nauthiz represents a gap between that which one requires and the capacity that one has to fulfill that requirement. Nauthiz can be worn if there is a need to be fulfilled and/or to turn a negative fate with a positive one.

It is a rune of cosmic forces and is recognized as being a rune with ‘shaping power’ which forms the fates of mankind. This rune represents ‘need’ in all its forms, from the need for food and shelter, to the need of personal fulfillment. ‘Need creates invention’. When you are in need and are aware and understand those needs, you are able to find a way to fulfill those needs. Nauthiz forces one to come to terms with and acknowledge this dissatisfaction; then use it as motivation for change. Nauthiz represents a semi-permanent state of spiritual dissatisfaction, or one who is eternally dissatisfied despite material and emotional plenty.

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