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Perthro is a rune that says that deep transformative powers are at work, the rune of what has yet to be revealed and the rune of taking chance. It can indicate mystery and secrecy and psychic abilities. As a talisman it helps divination and enhances psychic powers. Pregnant women often wear or carry Perthro as it is believed it eases the pain of childbirth. Perthro symbolizes a future which has not yet been created: it is not a hidden inevitability but rather a multitude of possibilities, any of which might manifest.

Perthro represents a vessel, something to be filled and drunk from. There is also significant evidence that the cup referenced by Perthro is a ‘dice-cup’, of the kind commonly used in games of chance and fate. You always have a choice in everything. No-one can upset you, you can only choose to be upset. No-one can exert power over you unless you choose to subject yourself to it. Claim your right to choice. Don’t allow others to compromise your truth or prevent you from doing what you need to do. The only danger here is not to make a choice, to leave things to fate and have no say in your own future.

Perthro rune is seen as either a ‘dice-cup’ or a game (chess) piece. This not only fits the shape of the rune, but also hints to the objects original use as a container in which to keep runes. It is the rune of the warrior who constantly tests himself against chance and luck. Perthro represents mandatory changes brought about by external forces. Perthro is the ‘width’ measurement of life. It indicates not how long you live your life, but how well you live it. Perthro, in its essence, represents the happiness of being alive and the joy of living. It is the rune of taking chances. It can indicated mystery and secrecy.

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