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Thurisaz indicates whispers of betrayal and the approach perhaps in the shape of a malicious person with evil in their heart. Wear this rune as a talisman if seeking help in study or meditation, or the resolution of an unfortunate situation. Drawn or falling the right way up Thurisaz suggests change of some sort and is also concerned with male fertility. It can indicate the approach of a destructive force or conflict. It will teach you to be ruthless when pity would be weakness, and to refine your emotions sharply.

Threats from persons of power or position. Resist temptations which offer reward through dishonesty or trickery. Heed the omen of dishonor or physical harm. The energy of Thurisaz can be used for good or for chaos. It represents the forces of the human psyche, including anger and lust. The thorn is a symbolic weapon. It can pierce, stab or tear. But it can also be protective, like a thorny hedge. Thurisaz may also signify a stroke of luck, but is more often a warning that your luck is running out. You have the authority to claim your destiny. Let no one deter you from your search for your truth. Hold fast to your birthright. Be a spiritual being, but always remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Thurisaz is a force of defence and destruction. In ancient times, as well as in some places today, bramble or thorny bushes were used to fence and protect boundaries. One form of Norse execution was to throw criminals into thorns. Thor is the god that protects sacred enclosures in much the same way that the thorny hawthorn, blackberry or rose bush does. Thurisaz is the rune of tests and challenges. Thurisaz is the rune of chaos, sudden danger, attack, weapons, hostility, war, pain, harm and wounding. It relates to disagreement, conflict and violent confrontation. Injuries fall under Thurisaz, as do forced separation, violent passion, anger, uncontrolled emotions, wildfire and volcanic activity.

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