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Seven Faced Rudraksh

Rudraksh of Seven face represents Sapta Rishi. Associated with lord Ananga. This Rudraksh represents Goddess Mahalakshmi. Its ruling planet is Saturn. Seven faced Rudraksh affects entire psychological and physical neurophysiology related to malefic effects of Saturn which are weakness, colic pain, pain in bone and muscles, paralysis, long term diseases, impotency, worries and hopelessness. It cures primary and secondary sterility as well as infertility. It reduces Joints Pain and Gastric problems. It cures frigidity problems of both male and female. The bead is recommended for respiratory, thorax disease, asthma, impotency, long term disease, hopelessness, etc. Good health is blessed to him who wears it. It should be worn by those who are suffering from miseries pertaining to body. One can obtain frequent finance and mental set-up nicely after wearing it. By wearing this bead one can progress in business and service and spends his life happily. It will help overcome financial hardship and bring abundance. In some cases this rudraksh doesn’t worn but being kept in a wooden box together with a small sum of cash. During downfall of Saturn this bead provides more protection to wearer. By wearing this, a poor man can progress and achieve prosperity in life. It is good for those who are in retail, wholesale, share and gambling business. It affects the entire psychological and physical neuro-physical regarding malefic effects of Saturn.

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