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All gemstones are living organisms. They have life energy of their own. They are living in some manner of the word as they slowly grow in clusters. They are part of the mineral kingdom. Most are grown in nature. Some of those are synthetically produced. They vibrate to their own frequency. The frequency they send out will determine which stone you will chose at a certain point in your life. One of the greatest blessings of the life is having the ability to reach the world. As many of you know, gemstones are used as healing properties. People’s lives are really changing internally and physically, as a result of applying the gemstones. It’s not only the tools that have been given and are being used that are changing lives; it is also the profound energy that is being poured through us and into each, that is transmuting pain, shame, victim consciousness, and blocked hearts and minds that has truly opened your own heart wider and deeper to the amazing power, if we ask and open.

PlanetsPrimary GemsSecondary Gems
SunRubyRubellite, Red Spinel
MoonPearlTissue nucleated Pearl
MercuryEmeraldChrome / Green
JupiterYellow SapphireYellow topaz, Citrine
VenusDiamindWhite Sapphire
SaturnBlue SapphireAmethyst
RahuHessonite GarnetNone
KetuCat\'s EyeApatite Cat\'s Eye

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