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It is called “The Balancer“. It alleviates fear and stress. It aids in astral projection. It balances yin/yang qualities. The stone has an ability to balance the male and female polarities. It is a Kidney stimulant which help you inspiring joy, lightness of being and improves astral projection. Blue Calcite is good for Sagittarian.  Black Calcite is also called Shamanite is a rare and recently-discovered North American Black Calcite stone, has been certified by the GIA. Shamanites age is scientifically established as PALEOZOIC, 500 million years old. Native American mountain tribes have been creating Shamanite ceremonial objects and jewelry for centuries. North American Black Calcite is sometimes called Toho which means Mountain Lion, by tribal healers and artists. Warm to the skin, Shamanite emanates a protective ancestral vibration. Shielding the wearer from psychic attack, envy and the resentment of others. Black calcite absorbs negativity and is a purifying crystal. Black Calcite stone is a protective stone with the power to heal spiritual wounds, ancestral troubles and assists with grief and mourning. It can be very useful for initiating shamanic journeys, and it can help connect inwardly with power animals and spirit guides. It aids in communication with spirit guides on the other side as well as loved ones who have passed. It can help dispel the fear of death through bringing one to a clear experience that death is not the end of ones being.  The calcite component facilitates a clear, calm awareness, making it easier to remain centered through difficult moments of inner or outer life. It can be used in meditation and offers spiritual protection to those who carry it and offers more o those interested in serious inner work. Shamanite also deepens psychic trance work. SHAMANITE is perfect for ceremonial jewelry and protective amulets. Black Calcite Shamanite resonates well with Moldavite, Larimar, Shaman Stones and Nummite. Shamanite Black Calcite resonates with the heart and third eye chakras and it can activate a synergy of their energies to open the portal of the crown chakra. Black Calcite is associated with all chakras. Blue Calcite is calming and soothing. Clear Calcite is  sometimes called Optical Calcite or Iceland Spar. Cobaltoan Calcite is also called Sphaerocobaltite. Golden Calcite increases and amplifies energy.  Green Calcite is also known as Emerald Calcite is a very deep healing heart chakra stone. Honey Calcite gently amplifies energy, assists with challenges associated with change. Pink calcite helps to clear, soothe and support the emotional body by acknowledging and releasing deeply held emotional patterns and beliefs such as anger or grief. Orange Calcite is a protecting, purifying, grounding and centring stone, and can help bring inner peace.

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