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Jalit Shaligram

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Shaligram is an iconic representation of divine, in the form of a spherical, usually black-colored fossil found in the sacred river Gandaki. It is a black stone by nature. Jalit shaligram is a natural, water-filled stone which is believed to purify a person and gives success in all walks of life. They are worshiped in temples, monasteries and households all over the world, as visible and natural emblems of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism. Shaligram is actually a fossil impression of an ammonite belonging to the cephalopoda class. They existed on earth during Triassic-Cretaceous time period.

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Shaligram helps in meditation and attainment of spiritual liberation. Worshiping jalit shaligram brings six values of life like righteous living, wealth, protection, good health, pleasures and spiritual blessing. A person who aquires this stone needs correct ritual over it. One who comes into contact with this sacred watery stone, will be liberated from the cycle of birth and deaths. Reap the benefits of worshiping all types and gain divine blessing. It is said that he who worships the stone devotedly, will get full materialistic pleasures and eventually attain salvation. Wherever the stone is established, disease and illness never stay there. It helps in controlling various disease like high blood pressure, asthama and heart problems and help to increase your will power. There will never be shortage of food, wealth, money or possessions and will bring prosperity to your house or office. It will bring peace to the premises and maintain harmony among the people of the family. It brings knowledge by evoking deity of wisdom and enlightens your children with knowledge and sharpens their mind. Immerse the stone in the holy water and sprinkle it on a person or in the premises. Unauspicious effect and black magic evils will dissappear. It will give fruitful results regarding your work, promotion, education, health, wealth, money, peace and harmony.

The four major goals in human life can be fullfilled by worshipping this stone. If one meditates beside a stone, the mind naturally gets concentrated. Therefore a watery form of shaligram is believed to be have great significance because it is extremely helpful in concentrating the mind. To have a stone, one must be blessed through good karmic deeds of the previous birth, but by the grace and compassion of Lord Vishnu, we have achieved it and made it for the benifit of people of the world for peace and prosperity. Shaligram is a shelter for a small insect known as ‘vajra keeta’ and lives inside the stone, according to Hindu tradition. However, these stones are the fossils of the common ammonites that lived millions of years ago when the Himalayan mountain range formed the bed of a vast ocean floor. These are sacred rocks or stones representing the abstract form of Lord Vishnu.