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Transportation of some kind a car, plane or any other means of journey is indicated when Ehwaz appears. It heralds change, and change for the better, brought about by gradual development and steady progress. The rune promises harmony and teamwork, trust and loyalty. If a marriage is in the offing when Ehwaz appears it will be an ideal one. It also confirms beyond any doubt the meaning of the runes around it in a reading. It represents power to protect yourself and those around you. It also connotes the thrill of a successful hunt.

Ehwaz represents the horse. The speed, strength, and beauty of a horse makes it much more than a means of transport. It is a sacred animal, a vehicle for material and spiritual advancement. Ehwaz implies controlled change, progress, and sometimes a journey. It also represents partnership, trust, loyalty, and faithfulness, such as that between horse and rider, brother and sister, two halves of the whole. You have the support you need to make swift progress towards your goal. But you must be loyal and supportive to those around you, as they are to you. The horse is proud, but that does not impede its purpose. So while you can be proud of your achievements, you must remain humble to ensure your journey reaches a successful conclusion.

Ehwaz symbolizes ‘forward energy and movement’. Ehwaz may represent general travel and steady progress– or it may literally represent a car, plane or another method of transportation. Ehwaz also symbolizes communication over long distances, and can refer to an important message that one will give or receive. Harmonious concord and pulling together as a team is also referenced here. Ehwaz rune symbolises inner strength and fortitude. It is a rune of strength, will and determination to perform one’s duties diligently. Ehwaz represents energy and motion and the force and power by which to achieve. Balance must be achieved to harness the power of the stallion and use it wisely. It symbolises fertility, femininity and the intuitive instincts.

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