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Fehu is a sign of prosperity and material gain, probably from past efforts being rewarded. It signifies foresight and fertility and as an energetic rune, it speaks of new opportunities, social success. Reversed or merkstave it signifies that what has been achieved, either tangible or intangible such as self-esteem may be lost, it also indicates failure, perhaps brought about by greed or stupidity. As a talisman, Fehu is good for achieving a goal, gaining promotion or to bring luck to a new business.

The rune of Fehu symbolizes two branches which grow off of a tree, or two horns of a cow. The literal meaning of “Fehu” is “cattle”, which in the past was a clear representation of a family’s wealth. Debts could be paid in cattle, and each man had a blood-price that could only be paid in cattle if they were killed unjustly. Even if one did not tend and own his own cattle, part of the tribe’s or clan’s cattle was thought to belong to them depending on their status — a bard, for example, was thought to have a blood-price almost equal to that of a king.

Wealth and success will soon arrive. Long hours of hard work which took place in the past which will soon be rewarded. Wealth is always fluid and changing, but Fehu’s appearance usually signifies an upswing in business affairs and earnings. Carried with the rune Fehu is the warning to apply these new earnings to things that have solidity and permanence once they arrive. The fluidity of the earnings which are referenced here also reminds us that wealth slip easily through one’s fingers. Caution and restraint must be exercised.

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