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Hagalaz is one of the holiest runes. Hagalaz teaches us humility: it reminds us of our mortality and our limitations. While we cannot avoid the storm, we can make preparations for the hard times to come.  And if we must be conquered by forces beyond our control, we can at least face defeat with honor, courage and dignity. Hagalaz can be used as a force of repulsion or banishment. It can be used as a clean curse against others, aimed to bring up their suppressed inner conflicts and thus impeding them.

Hagalaz may also indicate that a temporary setback or obstacle has arisen — one which the individual will necessarily get over very quickly. Disappointment may also be indicated here, and a realization that the path that one has set out on is not the path that one is meant to be on. Hagalaz reminds us that such disappointment is a necessary first-step in achieving change. A need to refocus and re-task one’s energies. While the main lesson of this rune is positive, it must be cautioned that a setback will happen for a reason, and it is important not to let history repeat itself. An opportunity will come in which one can better oneself. It may be painful, but ultimately it will prove beneficial.

Hagalaz rune represents the concept of balance; yin/yang, male/female, positive/negative, black/white.  Hagalaz rune is seen as potential energy of neutral power by an external force. Appearing as it does at the beginning of the second Aett, it marks both a beginning and an end and indicates a warning not to become too complacent. Hagalaz lies between the rune Kenaz (fire) and Isa (ice) reminding us of the creative potential that lies between these two opposites, even though initially their meeting may seem destructive. Hagalaz is a ‘wake up call’. It is the rune that tells you that although things may appear to be going well, due to complacency on your behalf, you may be about to take a tumble.

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